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CSR Activity and Management

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility is a norm that every business adopts considering the consequences of its strategic decisions towards the society. As being the part of society, its the duty of every business to look forward and take care of the arising  socio, economic and ecological imbalances in the society. Thus each business takes an initiative in order to fulfill their responsibility towards society. CSR activities comprises of Awareness campaigns towards diseases, education to underprivileged children, sapling plantation, etc.


CSR is a simple way of taking responsibility towards society for the changes arising in the society due to business operations. These days many consumers turn their back and let go their favorite brands if they become least responsible towards society. Lot of people stop buying from the brands when they come to know that lot of unethical means are practices in order to manufacture the products. Thus, all these things won’t even create loss of customers to business but the entire brand might be wiped out in sometime if society doesn’t accepts it.

We at 7p connect help the organisations to carry out such strategic operations for society. We create CSR Strategies and manage the activities. It depends on organization’s choice to choose the activity or the action they want to take for society’s betterment. There are range of CSR activities which organisations can opt for. Few are listed below:


It comprises of sapling plantation, recycling waste, collecting waste, recycling plastic, awareness to masses for stop usage of plastic, etc. These are some of the activities towards Environment protection.

Organisations can opt for donations to poverty stricken  people, education of underprivileged students, awareness towards dreadful diseases like Aids, Cancer, Ebola, etc. Charity to Orphanages, Old Aged Homes, Women upliftment, etc.

Maintaining equal and fair employment opportunities and remuneration to men and women in the organisation. Creating fair chances to both men and women for promotions. Enforcement of strict rules for sexual harassment towards women at workplace. Creating workplace a safe environment for everyone to work with oneness, etc.

Volunteering for lot of activities which take place in an around the workplace or which happen for Society’s betterment like Organizing Marathon, Blood Donation Camps, etc.

  • Every organisation takes responsibility of society’s betterment. Thus it makes society a better place to live in.
  • Donations to underprivileged children, orphanages, old age homes etc improves their life and get respect in the society.
  • Carrying out Awareness campaigns, Blood Donation Campaigns etc helps in educating citizens towards various diseases, social stigmas, etc.
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